Workshops at HeartStone Labyrinths

Workshops at HeartStone Labyrinths

The labyrinth workshops below are a sample of the many workshops and programs that I have done over the years. Most have been hosted at my studio in Moodus, Connecticut, while others have been done at health fairs, labyrinth gatherings, colleges, hospitals, and writing festivals.

If you would like more information about any workshop or would like to know if I can bring the workshop on the road, please contact me.

Title of Workshop: Introduction to Traditional and Intentional Labyrinths™: An Evening of Play and Discovery

Everyone needs tools to deal with stress and problems. Labyrinths, both traditional and intentional™, are such tools and far more. We will define labyrinths, draw traditional labyrinths, and discuss how to use them. Participants can work with several of over 100 different walking and finger labyrinths to help resolve specific personal issues.
Title of Workshop: Abundance Patterns, Labyrinth Patterns: How to Combine These Two Energies to Bring More Abundance into Our Lives

Everything that we do, are, and desire in our lives is part of the pattern of our lives. Abundance is one of these patterns. Using Twelve Abundance Labyrinths, we will explore The Twelve Stages of Abundance and their associated patterns through meditation and writing. Participants will then select the Abundance Labyrinth that embodies their Stage of Abundance and use it to bring a greater understanding of and more Abundance into their lives.

Title of Workshop: The Myth of Writer’s Block: Playing With Labyrinths to Invigorate and Expand Our Energy and Creativity

We’ve all heard the story of writer’s block, of being unable to confront the page, of being stymied by the next work or the character’s next action or emotion. And in telling this story, the story of The Myth of Writer’s Block, we enter into this myth and in so doing lose our creative way. In this workshop, we’ll look at this myth and its effects on us, and explore a definition of creativity that can move us beyond this myth and into the wonderful complexity of our creativity. We’ll write, talk, and work with a variety of labyrinths to assist in exploring our creativity and moving in our creative moment.

Title of Workshop: Enhancing Our Creativity: Labyrinths and Writing Poetry

When we write, we encounter times when our focus becomes murky, and the poem becomes difficult to write or complete. Using the labyrinths, we will work through that which may make writing the poem difficult or incomplete. We will create either a new poem or revise an old poem. Bring pen, paper, and poems that have faltered, and discover how labyrinths can help you with your creative process. At the end of the workshop, we will share our work with each other.
Title of Workshop: Using Labyrinth Energies and Intention to Create What You Want- An Experiential Workshop

We and our intention and all that we encounter in our world are energies that connect and interact with each other. Labyrinths are energetic patterns that contain an intention. We will use the labyrinth and its intention to assist in clarifying your intention and bringing it into your world. In this workshop, we will clarify your intentions, explore the labyrinth energies, and then combine them to bring your intention into your world.

Title of Workshop: Poet’s Journey To Move Beyond Inertia And Step Into Your Passion Using The Walking With Your Muse Labyrinth To Reconnect with Your Muse

Each writer has a Muse, a creative passion and energy, a force or presence that accompanies and assists us in our writing and creative journey. Sometimes, we disconnect from our Muse and find it difficult to find the special space or energy to take the next step that will enable us to move ahead in our poem. After a brief introduction to labyrinths and how to use The Walking With Your Muse Labyrinth, you’ll be asked to write about your Muse. Then, you will take your work, your question, your confusion into and onto the labyrinth to reconnect with your Muse and experience the wonder of the two of you working together. Afterwards, we’ll do writing exercises to help you tap into your ideas and emotions that were inspired by your walk(s). We’ll end with sharing our work and our experiences.

Title of Workshop: Overwhelmed? Stressed? Feeling drained? Come play with Intentional Labyrinths™ and discovery how these tools can help you.

As each work day ends, we may find ourselves filled with accumulated stress, with intense emotions that we have felt or witnessed or with a sense of feeling drained. Perhaps, we wonder if we can replenish our resources enough, so that we can return with the intensity that we brought to our first day of work. Intentional Labyrinths ™ and traditional labyrinths are energetic healing tools that we can use to help us confront each of these concerns. They can help us when we are done and equally important we can use them during our work day to reduce stress, to discharge or reduce emotions that we do not have time to resolve, and to help us to renew our energy. Come to the workshop and play with labyrinths to discover what your relationship is to these modern and ancient tools, how to draw a simple labyrinth, and a myriad of ways to use labyrinths at work and at home in order to have a more harmonious and healthy life.

Title of Workshop: Healing & Harmonizing Our Chakras – A 7 Chakra Labyrinths Workshop

When our chakra centers aren’t in harmony, we experience physical, emotional, and spiritual disharmonies. Labyrinths are energy vortices whose chakras flow with the Earth’s energy. Together, we will explore the meaning of chakras, dowse ours and the labyrinth’s, and work with the Chakra Labyrinths Series that have been designed to help us balance, harmonize, and heal our chakras. Join us for a day of discovery and healing