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ME EXPLAINING MY LABS AT VERNON FAIR IMG_3048mMy name is Greg  and I am the creator of all the labyrinths at HeartStone Labyrinths.

I became curious about labyrinths about 17 years ago. As I learned more, I was troubled by the fact that I could find no answer to a persistent question, “What was or is the designer’s purpose or intention in creating this labyrinth?” The ancient and pre-historic labyrinths, the classical labyrinths, have no written record, so there is no answer, just guesses about this question. For the popular Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, I read what the Catholic Church said but could find no one who could tell me what the designer’s intention was.

At the same time, I was exploring my abilities as a energy body worker and was looking for a tool to offer my clients as a way to enhance and continue their experiences on the table. However, I was reluctant to recommend a tool when I could not tell a client why it was made. This led me to decide to make my own labyrinths, labyrinths that are created for our time and energies and for which I could write the intention and give it to my client. From these desires, I created and continue to create Intentional Labyrinths  (What is an intentional labyrinth?)

I create labyrinths for many reasons and for many intentions. Behind them all is my desire to play with and explore these energetic patterns and make them available for others to explore. My Intentional Labyrinths address issues like abundance, grief, change, and creativity. Some of these labyrinths are made to help foster safety, emotional and physical wellness, and connections with the Earth. At this point, there are over 100 designs on canvas, each with its own intention, each with its own handbook to help someone use the labyrinth.

I create new designs for individuals who wish to have a tool to assist them in their growth, change, and healing. My designs are energetic translations of my clients’ intentions. In order to have the greatest number of possibilities to capture their intentions, I primarily work on raw canvas and create finger labyrinths that can be used at anytime and taken anywhere.

My intention is to bring joy and happiness into all that I do.

My intention is to develop healing tools, so that individuals, friends and partners, and the community can move from fear and anger to joy and love.

My intention is to bring my full attention and my integrity into all of my interactions with others and into all of my creations.

I invite you to explore my labyrinths. I invite you to share in my joy of exploration and creation as you explore my labyrinths. If you have questions, comments, want one made for you (Please see Creating a new labyrinth design for you) , please write or call.
May all beings be happy.

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