The Permanent Outdoor Labyrinths at HeartStone Labyrinths

The Permanent Outdoor Labyrinths at HeartStone Labyrinths

We have three permanent labyrinths at our home and studio.  These are the Angel Garden Labyrinth, the Peace Labyrinth, and the Forest Labyrinth. Each has its own history and reason why it was created.

Note: If you are interested in installing a permanent labyrinth on your property, please see Creating An Outdoor Labyrinth.


The Angel Garden Labyrinth


Peace Labyrinth - Sun, Shadows and Snow







Name: The Angel Garden Labyrinth

Intention: The first Angel Garden Labyrinth was created for a client in New Hampshire after a New Age fair many years ago. The client wished to have a labyrinth that would fit within the limited space between her Angel Garden, the driveway, a dry wash, and a weeping beech tree. She wished for the labyrinth to assist her in integrating and harmonizing her physical and metaphysical lives.

Note: The Angel Garden Labyrinth became a pocket labyrinth that an individual could fold and put into a pocket and use anywhere. I use it with clients when I do Intentional Labyrinth Bodywork and give it to clients to use as “homework” after a session.

I have also installed this labyrinth in other locations and did a temporary lay out for a friends’ wedding.

Dimensions: Our labyrinth is 16 feet across and sits within the edge of the woods on our property.

Made from: The path is created with a combination of stones and tree rounds. Trees are also a part of the path. In the center, there is a natural stone formation that serves as a seat.

Copyright © 2000 G. Coleman

The Forest Labyrinth


Name: The Forest Labyrinth

Intention: The intention of the Forest Labyrinth is to assist us in connecting with and honoring the Earth.

Made from: The Forest Labyrinth is made from the trees rounds that came from the fallen and/or dead trees that I felled to make the path safe to walk. The mulch that lines the path is made from fallen limbs and branches. In selecting these markers, I am giving back to the woods that which I changed or shifted in order to create the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is located within the woods on our property.

Dimensions: Approximately 85 feet across.
Copyright © 2009 G. Coleman


The Peace Labyrinth

Name: The Peace Labyrinth

Intention: The original Peace Labyrinth was created for my brother and his wife as a canvas labyrinth to embody their commitment to peace and to be given as tote bags for all the members of a peace organization, called OREPA, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance when a new job caused them to leave Tennessee for Ohio.

Intention: Peace is both an inner journey and a vision of how the world can be. The desire for Peace is a recognition that society has always functioned because of consensus and cooperation. For if this were not the case, we would not be able to drive down a street, walk a crowded hallway, or be checked out of a supermarket. The Peace Labyrinth has been created so that we can continue our inner journey and explore our vision of a peaceful world and life.

Made from: The labyrinth path is formed by outlining the path with recycled bricks that have been pressed into stone dust after a trench was dug in the lawn. Stone dust was used to back fill around the bricks. Each year, the bricks become covered with moss, and so each Spring, my wife and I crawl the labyrinth and gently remove the moss. In the center, there are four heart stones that I found while trenching the labyrinth’s paths.

Dimensions: 36 feet across
Copyright © 2009 G. Coleman