Welcome to HeartStone Labyrinths,llc

I am intrigued by the many possibilities that lie within the energy patterns of labyrinths. To explore and utilize these possibilities, I create new labyrinths designs, called Intentional Labyrinths. Each new labyrinth design is a translation of the energy of an individual’s goal, desire, or intention, and all are tools for growth and change.

I create both finger, or hand, labyrinths (ones that you follow with your fingers) and walking labyrinths. However, most of my designs are created as finger labyrinths because a finger labyrinth allows me more ways to translate the intricacies of the intention’s energy and because finger labyrinths can be taken and used anywhere. Examples of my finger and walking labyrinths can be seen in the Labyrinth Galleries.

All labyrinths are drawn and painted by me on unbleached canvas. Each labyrinth is accompanied by a handbook that discusses its specific intention and includes a variety of ways to use that labyrinth.

Please visit The Labyrinth Galleries, where you will find labyrinths to order, or visit Creating a New Labyrinth Design for You for information on the process for creating a new design for you.

Note: This website will continue to expand as I make new galleries for existing labyrinths and as I create new designs. In addition, there will be information about upcoming workshops or events, and information about the various services that I provide.

Please check in periodically to see what I have added.
If you have questions, please contact me.

Be happy,