How to select a labyrinth

How to select a labyrinth.

1] You can just explore.

A labyrinth is an energetic pattern and is a tool for personal exploration, growth, and change. As you explore the many labyrinths that I have created, you may find it helpful to keep two things in mind. First, have fun. Just move around, not really trying to decide, rather just explore and find out which labyrinths capture your attention. When one does, this may mean that your energy has connected with the energy of the labyrinth. Secondly, you can’t get this wrong. This is one of the particular attributes of working with labyrinths. So just relax and allow your inner knower to connect with a labyrinth.

2] You can use the gallery sections as a guide.

If you find the first approach a little too undirected, you can use the gallery sections as a guide. The labyrinths are divided into groups that have similar intentions; that is the reason that they were created. You can select a section of the gallery, read the introduction of the section, and decide whether this general intention connects to why you want a labyrinth, and begin to explore. Note: Some labyrinths may be in more than one section.

3] You can ask for my help.

You can email me and indicate your intention or purpose in obtaining a labyrinth. After I receive your email, I’ll probably want to know more, which means that I might ask for more information or that I might have some specific questions that may help me make some suggestions for you.

4] You may decide that you would like a new labyrinth created for you. In this case, you would follow the link to Creating an Intentional Labyrinth Designed for You