Abundance Labyrinths set 1


Abundance is a facet of everyone’s life. Frequently, we may find it difficult to recognize what aspects of our lives are abundant and which are not. The primary reason for this difficulty is our society’s emphasis on material success, that is, money and the physical ways we show it in our world, as the only true indicator of abundance. As a result, many may forget the richness of family, of a garden, of the wind rustling the leaves, or of the spring peepers. Others fail to recognize the abundance of being able to do something well or of being able to breathe deeply. Material success does matter, but how much and in what ways is a personal journey and a personal choice.

The Abundance Labyrinth Series #1 consists of several labyrinths created to address particular aspects of abundance. Our general sense of abundance as it appears in our physical, emotional, and spiritual life; the abundance energy of being well and able to receive abundance as it appears rather than how we feel this appearance must be; and being able to be in the moment or moments where abundance blossoms.

(Note: Abundance Series #2 is the Cycle of Abundance Labyrinth Series that began as twelve temporary outdoor labyrinths, one for each month, for walkers and myself to explore the process of abundance. This will be added in the coming months.)

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 The Abundance Labyrinths Set 1 Information




Name:  The Abundance Labyrinth

Intention: To assist us in recognizing and acknowledging our current abundance and to bring new abundance into our lives.

Cost: $175 ( Includes handbook)
Dimensions: 26″ x 35″
Copyright © 2000 G. Coleman





The Open To Receive Labyrinth


Name: The Open To Receive Labyrinth

Intention: To assist us in allowing in all that will support our intentions and choices.

Cost: $250.  (Includes handbook)
Dimensions: 25½ʺ x 33½ʺ
Copyright © 2002 G. Coleman




Embracing Choice: The Flowering of Abundance Labyrinth


Name: Embracing Choice: The Flowering of  Abundance Labyrinth

Intention: Abundance grows through a recognition that we have choices.  This labyrinth enables us to feel the power of choice and to move more into greater abundance.

Cost: $400  (Includes handbook)
Dimensions: 31″ x 31½ʺ
Copyright ©  G. Coleman