Labyrinth Galleries

General Gallery Introduction:

The labyrinths that I have created have been grouped by the similarity of their intentions, for example, The Chakras Series or The Safety Series. I’ve done so that you may more easily move about the gallery and the labyrinths. However, many of the labyrinths have complex intentions, which means that you may find a single labyrinth in several groups. For example, some of the Safety Labyrinths are also included within the Creativity Labyrinths because safety is also a cornerstone of creativity. However, these divisions are more for your first encounter with the number and variety of my labyrinths. Since this is the case, please follow your intuition and curiosity and allow them to guide you in your exploration of the labyrinths and the many journeys that they offer.

As you explore the labyrinth galleries, you will notice that some labyrinths are in more than one gallery or grouping. This is done because some labyrinths are connected through similarities in their intention or through associated approaches. Secondly, this is done because any labyrinth can be used in a variety of ways, and these grouping are done to illustrate this point. Therefore, as you explore, let you intuition guide you through the labyrinths, regardless of how I have grouped them, until you discover a labyrinth that resonates with you.  If you don’t, you might read How to Select A Labyrinth ,or email me with what you are looking for, and I’ll make some suggestions.

All labyrinths:
1. are painted on raw canvas with acrylic paints
2. are hemmed and have a wooden bar hanger
3. have a handbook that has been written for that labyrinth and contains
an essay describing the labyrinth’s intention, background on Intentional Labyrinths, approaches to using the labyrinth, and in some cases special notes about the design.
4. All dimensions for the labyrinths are in inches and width x height.


Abundance Labyrinths set #1
Chakra Labyrinths
Connecting to The Natural World
Creativity Labyrinths
Cycle of Change: The Birth Month Labyrinth Series
  Layered Labyrinths
Listening to Our Bodies, Creating Harmony Within Labyrinths
Safety Labyrinths
Special and Commissioned Labyrinths